About Artography

Many years ago, while experimenting with my skills as a fine artist and photographer, I created a new art form which I called Artography. I was determined to find a new way of expressing my feelings and emotions without having to revert to the well-worn representational approach. I needed something fresh and current, a new medium that would break new ground for myself and artists and photographers everywhere.

This is where I started:

Floral Center of the Pink Rose Fox Hollow Sequim Washington Crop Saturation Highlight Clone Stamp WM 10 x 8 72 dpi 20061008

I pushed my digital photographs as far as I could with the limited resources available back then.

It wasn’t much, but that result was the first step into another universe of imagery called Artography. The static labels of art history were now behind me and the possiblities and images multiplied as I ventured deeper into this new form of artistic expression.

Here is an image I created several years ago:

IMG_5247 A Universe of Life WM 75dpi

My transition away from representational form to abstraction is obvious, though I am not comfortable with the word “abstraction” because I am not simplifying or condensing an image or an idea to its fundamental elements. The original creative work remains as it was born, untouched and untainted.

Today, I sell my work on Etsy.com and on my website: http://www.christinagross.com



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